This is how it works

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Validate a DCP right away
On a fast connection?(Min. 10mb per sec.)
Online solution
You upload entire DCP files which are validated and stored in
On a slow connection?
Local box solution
Also requires internet connection, but DCPs are not uploaded.
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Offline solution:

Our local box solution is for customers with a poor internet connection?(If you have less then 10MBit per sec. you should consider this option).

You buy our Validation Box which runs DCP Validations locally. You then ingest your DCPs into this box which will then do the DCP Vaidation. To complete the validation and unlock the reporting and the previews your DCP validation data will be sent and processed on our servers. Therfore a internet connection is required. Once the validation and the payment has been completed and veriļ¬ed you get access to the reporting and the preview.

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